Friday, November 11, 2016

That Night

that night it wasn't even our wedding. And yes, I was tired from work and was asked last minute to come. I didn't even know you'd be there.

And when I got lost, trying to find the bathroom. I bumped into you. Cause, you couldn't find the bathroom either, at the country club.

What a way to start a date. Go to the bathroom together. But you had my back. I had yours. Really, I thought we made a pretty good team.

After that, it was me who found the wine and cried.

You thought I was sad. Thinking, I'd lost my first love to some genius he'd met in college.

Then I laughed, and finally..I found you smiling.

Of course, it wasn't long until somebody came after us. We'd drank all the champagne meant for the bride and groom.

I still giggle, thinking how we managed to keep the wedding planner aloof.

Yes, that's the night we found the caddy and drove off into the pond.

A night I'll never for get