Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What do I know about these things?

Oh what do I know about these things?

Yes, I saw him in the hall. Then class. It was just as good as a Celebrity Moment. And it was real.

Heart pumping. Smile ecstatic. Big sigh. And then you were gone.

Then a few weeks later, I thought I saw you again, but it was somebody else. I must have been dreaming. I must have.

I thought I saw you asleep at lunch, drooling on your Biology book. It made me smile.

Sure, you're real, after all.

And then somebody choked on a burrito.

I wasn't certain I could save the day, but I'm glad I did.

Of course, I didn't want to be interviewed by the school paper.

Suddenly, it was as if everybody wanted me.

Everybody was looking at me.

Expecting, great things.

I just couldn't speak. And then he winked at me.

I was filled with laughter. It was a moment I wanted everyone's picture. Even if I didn't know them, all that well.

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