Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kaori & Ellie prt.5

Kaori & Ellie prt.5

It was another busy day. No way, could there be time for the homemade chocolates, but Kaori had her heart set on the delights. She would write perhaps sweet nothings on each candy (or they might be wishes of being together for an eternity). It was the latter she hoped for, but wasn't sure she should wish it.

In her head, she made the chocolates, and J would bite into one and tell her how sweet she really was. She'd shake the thought. Besides, there were children to keep in the lunch line. Everyone was so excited for winter break.

As soon as she left the school, she walked in the cold to the ramen shop to get ready for the evening meals. Ellie looked just as dazed as Kaori felt.

"When is winter break?" She was practically sleep walking as they huddled together.

"Tomorrow." Ellie reminded her.

"Tomorrow?" It couldn't come soon enough for Kaori.

"Don't look so worried. You've made all your presents, already for J." Ellie sighed as she carried a load of papers in her backpack. She'd have to grade papers tonight.

"Not all of them," Kaori said.

"Seriously?" Ellie looked at her as if she didn't need to make him anything more than a scarf and mittens. "Don't tell me." She pressed her lips tight. "You, got a motel room."

Now Kaori looked at her shocked. How could she think such? She hugged herself tight as if she were mad at Ellie. Kaori walked ahead.

How could Ellie have said such a thing? Her love for J was..well, maybe it couldn't move mountains nor anything epic. Still, it was more than physical attraction. They were truly in love.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

So not cool of Ellie to imply something like that. :/