Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 14

Kaori & Ellie prt.14

Kaori texted Ellie first thing in the morning. Not that she told her closest friend, everything about her married life, but she did miss her.

"What are, you doing?" J's voice was so quiet. He kissed her on the back of the neck and a giggle gave way. Yes, she did know his ways, but she really did need to get ready for work.

The transition was a little overwhelming.

1. moving to the country, surrounded by farmers and a small village. Still the school was good and the children were exceptionally kind. She did love her first graders. Still she was a little hesitant to fall in love with the class. Especially, since she'd been told (what seemed a decade) You are only their teacher.

2. living and married with someone she'd had a crush on since elementary school. Yes, she was always worried she wasn't good enough. Evidently, that didn't mean anything to J. His smile made her smile.

3. to have an actual house. Not just one room with a kitchen and a closet for a bathroom, but a real home with a real bed. Yes, she was happy.

"I'm worried..about Ellie." Kaori finally told J. "I don't know if..if it was a good idea..her moving in with Nico."

Now she was in his arms. His smile was ever so pleasant. Still, he didn't see the problem.

"She's six years older than him." He knew the facts. Didn't she? "They've lived with each other, before." J told Kaori while he made her breakfast. "Her father still lives here, you know. He'd sent her to the city to live with Nico's dad. She took care of Nico when he was a baby."

Kaori couldn't help but wince. Suddenly, Kaori felt so sorry for her best friend. It was as if she'd gone full circle, some how. Was Ellie right back where she started?

If only Ellie would text back.

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