Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We talked about your ex

We talked about his ex

Oh, I hate the thought that I'm in love with you. Maybe I love to watch your mouth move. Well, it started that way.

It was so unexpected. Meeting you at the University cafeteria on a Sunday morning when the regulars didn't show. It was like fate..I guess.

And I really thought we had a moment... until... I realized it was all about her or was it..about him?

You, talked an awful lot about your old roommate. I'm beginning to think you might be in love with him too. 

I guess its hard to find a roommate. 

Actually, I didn't know you wanted ME to be your roommate. 

I know, I'm a little slow at these things. I was half asleep. I needed coffee. Then I started watching you drink coffee and suddenly I was daydreaming..about you and me.

And I couldn't believe it when you asked..if I could..would I mind..why don't you...

I had a panic attack. It might have been love. Its so hard for me to distinguish between the two..sometimes.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love the way this is written!