Saturday, January 28, 2017

When we were bad

when we were bad

I like to think it started with mom and dad. I mean, they rocked each other's world. Took off in a Mustang, even if they did run out of gas before they got to Ballinger. Those were the days.

I heard dad slept in the Baptistery when he was on the run and mom came along and found him.

That was when the Browns were not a good name in town, but I didn't know that until I got to middle school.

Momma said they carried me home in a shoebox. She was afraid they might have to bury me, but as luck would have it, I somehow made it through the night.

That was several years ago.

And then I had a chance to watch Billy smoke a cigarette in the back of his car. It was the first time smoking didn't disgust me.

I always broke my daddy's cigarettes, but I stole a few for Billy.

There was a lot talk.. we did some things together. Mostly, we walked around the abandoned school and shouted in the halls.

No..I guess it wasn't much of anything.

I can't even say I remember what he looks like.

And to think there was life in our small town once. Although, it seems everyone remembers we were the ones... who did bad things. But I don't remember what they were.

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