Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blind Date

For a moment ( the first 15 min.) I thought I was out with my little brother.

We went to the zoo, and I did behave a bit like a celebrity..I suppose.

I mean, after all..places like that are for kiddies and old lovers..not for blind dates.

But he was cute, going around me in circles... trying to tell me his life story in 5 minutes. Did I care?

Well..not really..after all, I was only doing a friend of mine.. a favor.

See, I figured out by the end..he was in love with her. And he really hated her boyfriend.

I just didn't see it coming.

Neither, did I expect a baby goat to bite off a chunk of his hair.

It was hilarious in the petting zoo. When it happened, he plopped down in some fresh baby lamb poo. gave a whole new meaning to having a sh i t t y time.

After all, he will remember me as that girl with the hideous laugh.

But I promised, I would do my best to be on his side. Not that I've ever broke a relationship up...