Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 18

Kaori & Ellie prt. 18

Micky guessed Milo could stay, but their space was small. How in the world had those two girls lived here for so long?

He knew from Yugi, that Ellie never had much and he knew Kaori was from humble beginnings.

Micky hated to admit it, but he missed his bed. It wasn't the warmest of homes, and he was glad to have Yugi with him.

Actually, they were more than roommates, and Milo was seriously cramping their style.

"How long do you'll be here?" Micky wanted to know if the couch would be enough room for him. He and Yugi could have a space behind the couch. Perhaps a little privacy, but in his head, he could see Milo peeking over the couch to see what they were doing. Micky couldn't help but make a disgruntled look.

"Oh, just a week." Milo thanked him. He said he would buy them dinner at the ramen shop.

"Oh we couldn't." He'd rather stay home with Yugi, than have to entertain Milo. "You, go ahead, you.. spend some time with Ellie."

"Look," Milo practically smirked. "I know, you two are a couple. I'm down with that." He shrugged. "Just let me know, if I could bring you two back some food. I know I owe you..for putting up with me."

"Sure." Micky shrugged back.

"If..if you're ever in New York City-"

"I'm not coming back." Micky liked it here. No way, could a guy like Milo make it here. Micky bet Ellie sent Milo packing.

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I'm not sure that I like Micky. :/