Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt.16

Kaori & Ellie prt.16

Nico didn't like this one little bit. So Ellie hadn't been a liar after all. Still, it just couldn't be happening. Someone from New York City coming all the way here to take Ellie. Well, it wasn't happening.

"Hey." He pulled the scrawny guy off of Ellie. What was he suppose to say? It hurt that she wanted to keep everything a secret. Why was she like this?

"She..she doesn't have time for this." He'd made her coffee and packed her a lunch. "She's a school teacher, you know." Of course, he wasn't speaking English. Micky stood there interrupting instead of interpreting what he was saying.

"It'll be OK." Yugi told  Nico while Micky was rattling off about Nico's shop and how Ellie helped him out.

Still, Nico felt he'd been plunged into the deep end of the ocean and couldn't come up for air. Nobody cared what he said.

Ellie smiled weakly. Nico knew she would tell no one, about them. She was embarrassed. As usual.

He went to the kitchen and thought about their conversation on Christmas day. It wasn't exactly a happy one.

"Jesus, its not like we lived all our lives, together." He told her she didn't need to feel this way, that she was doing something wrong, staying here. She promised she'd be all on her own, once she saved up. He reminded her, she'd been adopted by those people who ran the dry cleaners. He hadn't seen her in middle school. Not even high school. He didn't really know her again, until he saw her with Kaori.

Still, it felt as if their nights were totally different. They worked together. Sometimes, it was like a dance. And he could make her laugh, and she would make him laugh.

He thought he might get teary-eyed, thinking how he'd lose Ellie to this New Yorker, Milo.

"Hey, I'll take the trash out for you." Yugi offered.

Nico only winced tears. Yugi said nothing more but did the chore.

It was finally quiet. Ellie didn't even say good-bye. Nico expected it.

"You are in love with her." Yugi woke Nico from his thoughts with a cup a coffee. How long had his hands been in the hot dishwater?

Nico shook his head, no.

"I think she likes it here." Yugi looked around and then smiled.

"She's gonna leave." Nico knew. He needed to come to terms with it.

"I dunno. She's pretty settled. Isn't she the art teacher now?"

"Music." Nico's voice cracked.

"Hey, music teachers are hard to come by." Yugi's words were comforting.

Nico took a sip of the black coffee. Yugi sipped his cup, too.

"So what's going on with you and Micky?" Nico could hard see Yugis eyes for all his curls.

Yugi's sigh was almost a laugh. "Lets say he wouldn't want to talk about it, anymore than Ellie wanting to talk about you."

Nico had no idea he and Yugi would have anything in common.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Nico. I wish he would tell Ellie how he feels.