Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentines day is coming

Valentines day..its coming

Oh, It will be here before you know. Are you going to make it special?

"Well, some of my old classmates..WE CALL OURSELVES THE ORIGINALS because we have known each other since first grade..and we've never had a significant other..go to the China Buffet and hang out for about 4 hours." Toby tells me, he likes the crab legs there.

"Yeah, and we've vowed not to ever bring our significant other with us, on this Occasion." Leo says the experience is so worth it on Valentines day.

"How come the significant others, can't come?" The question is still on my mind after chatting with these guys at the library.

"I dunno." Chad is one of the originals, as well. "Maybe its a secret anti-valentines day dinner." He smiles. "We're nerdy that way." His smile is so endearing, I'm sure he could easily find a date at the computer lab.

"It was totally weird." Leo shrugs about the matter. "It was like she..just didn't get us..and soon after, she broke up with the guy. So you know, to keep that from happening, again, we just say NO to significant others."

"So? Are there a lot of you, who still attend?" I wonder how big the table is, for this ritual.

"Um, it gets smaller, each year." Chad shares. "Some have gotten married."

"Some even how kids now." Leo sighs as if the dinner is defeating the purpose.

"Have you thought about meeting, some other time?" is my next question.

"I dunno." Leo seems indifferent about the matter.

"Its something to think about." Chad nods. "Maybe, we should re-name it..the big anti-valentines day dinner."

"Seriously, we should just celebrate the Chinese New Year." Chad ponders. "Maybe more people would come then."

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ooh I so want to be a part of The Originals - what a fun Valentine's Day tradition for singletons!