Monday, March 13, 2017

it would have to be the 13th

at the library

At The Library

    Usually, its those quick ones, where you ask each other 5 questions and 5 minutes later.. you move on to the next person.

    But this time...

    We met in the biographies. He'd helped out at the computer lab a couple of times. But, he didn't want to work here.

    "You see, if you can persuade..him." The head of circ was kind of sneaky about it.

    "Why me?" All I ever did was put out periodicals and help out old farty men with self-checkout.

    "Oh..I've seen him watching you." The head of Circ said, as if she was my Fairy God Mother.

    "But..." I was not going to be in a good mood about this. Finally, I got up the nerve to walk past the fictions..where I thought I saw some teens chasing a vampire.

    Luckily, it wasn't him. I couldn't help but to smile about it.

    "Can I help you?" The library's first line of defense when it comes to Customer Service. He smelled of chicken soup and something quite spicy.

    "Maybe." Oh, he could be so animated in a quick smile.

    "Well.." What in the world was I looking for? And then I sneezed. I was certain I'd made him go away, as I continued to sneeze into my arm.

    Maybe I was allergic to him, after all.

    "Its terribly, dusty back here." He advised they really needed to dust before they started moving things around.

    That's when he told me his name was Scott..and we would be working together.

    He would teach me every new program in the computer lab. They couldn't hire him since everyone wanted him at City, but he could make it to the library once a week.

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    cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

    They're so adorable together. Also pertinent: loving all of the shades of burgundy!