Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 23

Kaori & Ellie prt. 23

Yugi. Micky and Milo. What was wrong with this picture?

Yugi was beginning to think Micky might be jealous. Maybe it was a fact, Yugi was spending too much time with the American, but Micky avoided him, as much as possible.

"But you two can communicate." Yugi reminded him. Still, it was Yugi who showed Milo where the library was, the nearby University, possible places to work.

Micky was in a pout. Still Yugi wasn't sure if it was only about Milo cramping their life-style. True, their rooftop place was very small. There was Yugi's son to think about. Micky didn't seem to have time for him, either.

Naturally, Micky left everything to Yugi..the cooking..the cleaning and of course, Milo.

"Well, why don't we find a place of our own?" Milo asked ever so happily, after one of Micky's silent arguments before he left for work.

Yugi only shook his head with a soft laugh. "He's my boyfriend." Yugi sighed. Didn't Milo know relationships were never perfect?

"But he doesn't like your kid." Milo reminded him, who was at least helping Yugi clean up.

"He just doesn't know him." Yugi shrugged as he went on with drying the dishes while Milo washed the three bowls they had.

"But..but you say, she's getting married and would like to move. Right?" Milo listened to Yugi's troubles. "And there's a chance you might have full custody, soon." Milo looked at him, as if Yugi needed to make some decisions.  Milo reminded Yugi, he was the one carrying the load.

He was the one making the money, even it was just cleaning up the hospital.

Yugi looked around the small place. It wouldn't be right to even bring his four year old here. He pressed his lips tight.

"Are you still going to get Ellie back?" Yugi felt they were all in limbo.

Milo only sighed as if it didn't really seem possible.

"I just have to show her, I can make it here." It seemed his mind was made up.

Yugi did envy Milo's ambition. Although, Yugi didn't know what he was suppose to do.

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