Saturday, March 25, 2017

WGM-Eric's wardrobe

WGM - Eric's wardrobe

NAME, AGE Eric Lee 28
Stage Name (If Applicable): Joon Young
Entertainment Agency/Company: StarBright
Birthday: August 15th
Hometown/Country of Origin: JeJu Island but lived five years in L.A.
Face Claim: Yoo Yeon Soak
Remember, a good white TEE can take you a long way. (Eric grins) I have a lot of them. And, a lot of cardigans. too. One thing I've learned over the years... is to be as neat as possible.(he nods) My mother would expect me to be, just as much as the people I work for. I do my best to be professional..even in a casual way (His smile is open) And, I'm not a boy. Yes, if only I could be completely baby faced, but I'm not. I do a lot of shaving. (he shrugs) But, I'm never scruffy. I've thought about having some procedures, but I don't think I'm ready for that, quite yet. A lot of people in our business get a lot of things done to their face. I would like to stay my natural self, as long as possible. I believe in good ..clean living. I'm sure I don't get as much sleep as I should, since I have academics. I still like reading a good book when I can. But then I have to work out, at least twice a day. (He festers a look as if he's thinking about something) When I was in L.A. I stayed with some friends of Kim Woo-Bin. I ended up with his wardrobe, since I didn't have one. I had nothing in L.A. actually. He had a lot of white Tees, too. (he chuckles now) -Eric

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