Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 27

Kaori & Ellie prt.27

Micky supposed he could help Nico out down at the shop, but he really didn't want too.

Actually, he'd been in a bad mood since Yugi moved out. He hated to be home alone. He guessed that was why he was down at the shop. Where else was he going to find Yugi?

But he kept quite and listened to Yugi question Nico about Ellie.

"Maybe, she's not telling you the truth." Yugi told Nico, as he went to pick up dishes from a table that needed to be cleaned. Nico gave Yugi a dead stare. No one was to speak ill of Ellie.

Micky found himself following his boyfriend's lead. He couldn't let him do all this clean-up by himself.

"Are they breaking up?" Micky wanted to know.

Yugi squinted, as if he shouldn't ask such a question. Yugi only sighed and took the dishes to the big metal sink in the kitchen.

Micky shrugged when he saw so many bowls and utensils. He started to clean since he didn't really care to wait on people.

Nico went on with the orders as if he didn't have time to chit-chat. The mood was so different now. Everyone seemed to be in their own little world, but Micky did find solitude in getting the dishes scrubbed and rinsed.

And then Milo arrived as if he was the life of the party. This didn't settle well with Micky.

Here Milo was with a teenage girl and Yugi's little boy, Tan. Micky swelled a frown. He didn't mean to be jealous, but he didn't know how to act around a pre-schooler. He'd met Tan before, but it was brief and Micky didn't say much.

Milo introduced Tan's babysitter around as if she might be Tan's girlfriend.  Her name was Violet, and she beamed every-time Milo said her name, since he didn't know how to pronounce her Korean name.

Micky found her laughter ridiculous, but then he noticed how quickly the laughter faded when Violet met Nico.

Micky shook his head. If there wasn't trouble in paradise..well, there was now. Guess who, wanted a job at the noddle shop?