Saturday, April 1, 2017

WGW-Ji's wardrobe

WGM - Ji's wardrobe

NAME, AGE Ji Jang Lee,24
Stage Name (If Applicable): Jamie Jang
Entertainment Agency/Company ShineOn
Birthday: March, 15
Hometown/Country of Origin:Born in Paris, France..but now lives in Seoul.
Face Claim: Jin Young
Taken By: @ ivyfanfic
Occupation: Actor
Marital Status: Single
Aw...I love color. I guess, I try to see what I can get away with. Maybe, I'm the fashion assassin. (Ji smiles about his wardrobe). I've been known to wear a kimono. A friend gave it to me, for my birthday. He said I was probably the only person he knew who could pull it off. was a Soju night! (He laughs a good belly laugh over this). Um, but seriously, my hair has been so many different shades..I mean, when I went back to naturally black, I kept thinking..God, this looks so fake. But I was making this period piece where I had to wear a fun hat. How in the world did a man do it? Back in ancient Korean times. (he shakes his head) But, like I said..I'm fine with bringing a little school girl backpack with me. Actually, a lot of stuff was given to me. I appreciate it, so..I wear it. Its not just promotional stuff..its stuff from friends I work with. I mean, its crazy, they were thinking about me. (he sighs) So..when I wear it, I remember them. - Ji

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I love the idea of him in a kimono!