Monday, May 15, 2017

Living Together

Living Together #2

The place is a mess. Kia can't seem to get all the dishes washed, and someone doesn't like housework.

Kia: Where are you?


Kia: Are you... on the computer, again? (Walks through apartment looking for Jay, while drying a dish. Goes back to put the dish away in their tiny closet of a kitchen, but all is white, and you can walk on the floor barefoot, thanks to Kia, who wants to relax with an instrumental mix that her friend Ellie made for her. But, guess who doesn't like instrumental music?)

Jay: What? (Jay says from the bedroom where he has his old gaming computer going, and the bed unmade.)

Kia: Can't you make a bed? (She says, leaning in the bedroom doorway)

Jay: Huh? (He's busy with a video game, living his video world that Kia is not a part of) Lets go out. (His smile is dazzling. He usually wins her over. This means maneuvering his hands on her waist and closing her in, perhaps a kiss on the neck. He breathes her in finally...with a kiss)

Kia: With what? We can't. (She isn't going for it. Money is essential for other things, like rent and insurance.)

Jay: We could just stay in bed (He whispers in her ear. She pushes him a way. She sighs with a bitter frown)

Kia: Is that all you think about? (She's serious. Jay happily shrugs as if, why not.)

Jay: What do you want to do? (He presses his forehead against hers, as if they are in this together.)

Kia: I'll help you make the bed.

Jay: What for? We'll just sleep in it, tonight. (His smile is open and very inviting)

Kia: (she's in a bit of a stomp, maybe its a bitter dance) Why! Do you have to make me so mad!

Jay: Because its easy to do. (He's still holding her hands even if she'd moved away from their embrace)

Kia: The hall closet needs to be... (Jay pouts, shakes his head, no.)

Jay: I want coffee. I want to know how you make it, like you do. So..I dunno..sweet..without sugar.

(Kia, tilts her head slightly to one side with a half shrug. She doesn't give out secrets, easily).