Saturday, May 27, 2017

WGM- Ji's Birthday prt.1

WGM -Ji's Birthday

Um..gotta say..I did not know what to do for his birthday. Aside from the fact, I thought he turned 25.. just to find 24.
So..suddenly, I feel like I'm getting older and he's getting younger.
Anyway..what to do..I just met this guy, recently. I really don't know him.
I called his mom, who thanked me for calling, but told me, she was sure his friends would do something for him.
Finally, spent the afternoon with his Manager Seo, who's really sweet and helpful. Yes, she did try to find out if his friends were doing anything..but they were all busy.
I made noodles, which Seo loved. Ji hated.
Honestly, I feel so mislead. I know, its not a big deal. Thankfully, he liked the kimono, I got him. Seems he likes having one when he's in his underwear.
Oh yeah, Ji is one of a kind.