Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 32

Kaori & Ellie prt. 32

Violet wasn't so sure she could take much more of this with Tan. Sure, it was suppose to be fun. She did a mock interview about LOVE. How did this kid know so much?

"Its because I'm a listener." He nodded ever so serious and then... his grin was irresistible. Yet he looked at Violet ever so serious. "You, have to listen to what Nico is telling you."

Violet rolled her eyes at that. She went to see if his Dad might be coming up from the street. Of course, she couldn't see anyone from the rooftop flat. Why was all this making her a little nervous?

"You know, Nico's mother is from Japan. She went back to her country when Nico was a baby." Tan informed her.

"What?" She turned back to him. "How do you know?"

Once again, he told her he listened.

"But when? When did he tell you?" She winced.

"We have a lot in common." He shrugged. "He talks to me, while he's cooking and you're waiting tables."

Violet wasn't sure she liked this idea.

"Does he talk about me?" Violet wanted to know.

"A little." Tan nodded. "Usually, he asks about my mom."

"You're mom?" Violet tilted her head.

"I know its not dad's fault, the way she is. And..well, I know she's not getting married, either." Tan was even lipped. He recalled how she used to drink. It was so unfair. She was reckless and her worst enemy.

Violet didn't know what to tell him. She'd told him for so long now, how his mom was moving away to start a new life.

"Its OK." Tan told her. "You, don't have to lie anymore, I know the truth."

He went to find some Legos to build on the car he already had waiting by his little bed.

Why did she feel he was the grownup and he was babysitting her?

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