Sunday, June 25, 2017



I woke up with my neck sweating. What is going on with me? I must have given Coco a fright.
I'm not a very good traveler. I was on pins and needles from the get go. Worried if I'd packed enough. Worried, I was sitting next to a psycho on the plane. Worried..I'd never get there.
And then I did, and almost collapsed on the best of friends.
Poor Coco, what will she ever make of me?
I'm too old for this s h i t.
It didn't get to me, how much older I am...than Coco. She's so fresh..and ever so endearing. Especially, to put up with the likes of me.
But..we'd gotten so close, you know. And she said I was exactly what she expected.
Oh..God..that can't be can it?
So um, I've been asleep for about 3 days now.
I will never make it to Hong Kong at this rate.
She must feel I'm quite a nutter..and she maybe right.
Dad says I'll never grow up. And Coco said..there's nothing wrong with that.
But..I'm an adult. An adult who wishes to hide away in a window seat and watch the world go by, from afar.
Yet, here I Coco's flat with her and her mum.

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