Friday, June 9, 2017

WGM- Eric & Ji

WGM- Eric & Ji

What do you like to do on a rainy weekend?

Ji: Sleep in. (he smiles) I never get enough sleep.

Eric: I like to read. (he shrugs) I find things to do, like cook and...

Ji: This guy does chores.(Ji looks at him as if he's weird)

Eric: And you like to make a mess. (Eric gives him a sour look) Cause,YOU can't seem to figure out what you want.

Ji: Well (Ji swells a frown)

Eric: He gets a phone call from an old friend. They could be talking for hours. (Eric explains that Ji doesn't know the concept of time. He doesn't know how to set his priorities correctly).

Ji: That's what weekends are for..doing nothing in particular. (Ji's eyes lit)

(Both look a little bit grumpy)

Ji: He makes me have nightmares (Ji confesses)

(Eric only winces as if Ji has totally lost it)

Eric: Yeah, and I have to clean up after you.

Ji: See, there he goes again, always going on about how much work I am.

(Eric tilts his head and looks at Ji out of the corner of his eye and reminds him..who was the one who made the first move? Ji sighs as if he's making a big deal out of nothing)

Eric: He must be in love with that guy who calls.

Ji: (swells a frown) We go way back.

Eric: How far back? (Eric won't take his eyes off of him)

Ji: NOTHING HAPPENED (Ji yelps and responds how Eric is the one who is far more experienced than he is. After all, he's the one who's been with someone in the states)

(Eric gives Ji a bitter look and then sighs)

Eric: You always have an excuse, don't you?

(Ji looks away)

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