Friday, June 16, 2017

WGM - Eric & Ji


OK, I'm not the most understanding guy in the world. I don't know..why I'm like this.

So yeah, I was pretty upset with Eric..even if he really didn't do anything. I know...he doesn't think I spend enough time with him.

But..I just don't like acting when I don't have to act, you know. Um, I just want to let things happen. And maybe..maybe I'm a little scared. Cause, (practically winces a wink) I just don't know if I'm ready. (Presses lips tight.)

In the last few weeks, a lot of stuff has been happening, besides the show. A hurricane or something hit and has messed up a lot of the sets at WGM, I guess. Anyway, we've been back in Seoul the last couple of weeks. I mean, we are trying to make this all legit. We did move in together (Eric's place was bigger) and we both have the same manager (Manager Seo) is not wrong in the world.

I know. what you're thinking....hey, you moved in, something must be happening? (His smile is open and he's a little impish) Not completely. He's got his room..which is practically a library..I might add. I've got mine, which might not be as big as the studio I was in..and we have to share a bathroom..cause he let  Manager Seo have her own in the basement.

(Ji winces more.) Does that seem right to you?

Anyway, so we've got our own place. And it looks really tight...if..I would just let it be that way.

(Ji frowns.) God, why do I have to be so damn stubborn? (He sighs)

Looks like Eric will be busy with this new movie coming up. I didn't know he'd played like a serial killer in this one movie, years back. So yeah, he got this b a d a s s villain role where he was raised by this gang..pretty complex. And I get to do a couple of episodes of RUNNING it should be fun. And then, we both got booked for a magazine photo shoot.

Don't know why I'm all nervous. I guess, I want to keep it real. I'm just not sure anyone would really believe it.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Eric's new role sounds awesome!