Monday, July 17, 2017

CHUNO aka The Slave Hunters

CHUNO aka The Slave Hunters

    Oh! Its epic! The show that made so many Korean stars! The music! The many storylines. I'd say it was 100 Years of Solitude..Korean style!

    You've got the action. The corrupt government. The people who want to be free. Its during a time when guns were first coming to the scene. Most were used to swordplay and hand and foot battles (which might last for hours!) If you want to feel the Korean history..this is the one that will take you there.


    Slave Hunters Theme Song

    Chuno- Biingnyeolii


    The Slaves Rebellion Song from Slave Hunters

    From the Slave Hunters



    Raine said...

    honestly i prefer Oh ji Ho of my fab period kdrama.

    ellie said...

    He is an amazing actor..His demeanor is so different in Oh My Geum-Bi. Jang Hyuk is quite the overactor and yet he makes an entrance and keeps you interested.

    Soma said...

    I've watched this for long time ago!
    it's cool but sadness at the end😢