Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 36

Kaori & Ellie prt. 36

Nico couldn't help but look around Ellie's new place, to see if anyone had moved in with her.

Of course, Min-ho was the likely candidate, who did give Nico the look over.

Min-ho was older than Nico. Except, Nico didn't think Min-ho was all that wise. In fact, he was certain Min-ho was using Ellie.

But then again, Nico guessed he was using Violet for this little affair. Really, he didn't know if it would work, but he'd been itching to do it for sometime now. Even on a wonderful night like to night at his noodle shop, where he had people waiting for a table, he thought it was time to bite the bullet and find out what Ellie was up, too.

Violet looked at him as she did the moment he told everyone an emergency had come up, and they'd have to leave. What the h e l l are you doing was the look on her heart-shaped face when she eyed him. Yet she followed him like a well trained puppy.

She did her part. Perhaps, it was even true to her. But, in Nico's book..they were barely friends. Only, she was there at every turn.

"I don't think anythings going on." She whispered in his ear, after they set down with Ellie and Min-ho for dinner.

Of course, Ellie looked at them suspicious.  Violet giggle and kissed Nico on the cheek. He did his best not to frown. Suddenly, he felt his heart was ready to explode.

He looked at Violet then to Ellie, who did look a little hurt.

Maybe, he felt hurt too. Seeing her with this guy in a suit.

He heard Ellie tell Min-ho about being Nico's childhood friend. Nico almost squinted tears. He knew being here was a mistake, but Violet took his hand.

"Nico's my first love." She announced. Nico couldn't even think to speak. He was sure he'd pass out, but Violet had her arm wrapped around him.