Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sasha & Coco


I don't mean to hurry Sasha in any way, but I feel the sooner we get out Seoul...the better off we will be. You know, striking it out our own..I guess.

See, I really am not sure I want her to meet Bimmy and Trick, cause they can so bring on the drama.

Its kind of hard to say if their best friends or not. They fuss  so much. True, Trick comes off like he's gangster, but its Bimmy who can always put him in his place. I've known Bimmy forever and well, Bimmy decided he needed a best friend. Not sure it was the greatest idea.

All I do is try to keep the peace.

Yeah, I know..I should have told Sasha all about it, before now, but it never came up. There were easier things to talk about, like shoes, nail polish and boybands. I really am not looking forward to Sasha meeting those two.  She might decide to go home before we ever get off the ground to our own adventures.

I don't like to think of them as access baggage, but Sasha might think differently. She's so much more sophisticated. Hate for her to think I hang out with low-lives.

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