Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 38

Kaori & Ellie prt. 38

Violet couldn't be sure if things were OK with Nico or not. She thought she saw him crying that night, after they left Ellie's new place, but he said he was coming down with a cold. Then it rained on the way back.

She stayed with him, at least a little while. She made him tea after he got out of her wet clothes. But then he was sure she would catch a cold so she showered a changed too.

She smiled now as she smelled his sweat shirt that she was still wearing. Maybe all was not lost that night.

"Aren't you going to wash it?" Tan asked who was trying to get his work book assignment done.

"Umm..never." She smiled as if she was truly in love.

"I wish you wouldn't" He started.

"So what?" She wanted to know as she looked over his work. Naturally, he was a smart little boy.

"Um, you are just Nico's fangirl." He told her.

"Fangirl?" Wasn't that a good thing? She thought so, but she sighed, guessing she was too overwhelming to Nico. "I guess he won't ever get over Ellie." She pondered a bit, imaging herself as that girl in an old K-drama who longed for the man who loved another. Of course, it didn't end well. "I know, I should lay off." She was even lipped. She didn't want Nico to hate her.

Now she was about to cry.

"You, should just go out, with your own friends and just have fun." Tan looked up at her.

"What friends?" She was in a pout. All she did was go to school, babysit and work at the noodle shop. Her schedule was very tight. Did she even know any of her friends, anymore.

Tan only smiled. "Wait and see. Patience, do you what that is?" He was like a little guru, but she doubted he knew anything about love connections.