Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 39

Kaori & Ellie prt. 39

Nico felt a chill during the hottest part of day at work. Lately, his world was so cold. The silence grew. He couldn't even scream into a pillow night when he was alone.

Of course, he wasn't alone much. Violet was always there, even when she didn't need to be.

"Don't you have..anything..anything better to do?" His sad face said it all. He wanted to be over Ellie. He did.

Why couldn't he let go?

He could see... Ellie had certainly let go. Maybe there was nothing for her, to begin with.

His heart physically ached. He wanted to go to the hospital, but he knew what they would say, "Oh, you've just got a broken'll take time to heal."

Those were Violet's words.

"What would, you know?" He swelled a frown waiting for her comeback line you'd find in a sugar sweet pop song.

"I..I heard my grandmother tell me once." She let the words slip as she pressed a straight lip. She went to do something with the napkins or to check on the chopsticks.

She let him alone to his own grief.

"It're in the second phase now." She came back to tell him, once she'd filled the sauces in the squeeze bottles that customers would have to ask for, if needed.

"What!" He winced so hard, bitter tears emerged.

"I thought things were getting better." She slightly sighed as she held her hands ever so innocent. "I..I even thought so." She was quiet in thought, but finally told him. "You, can't go back."

"Huh?" He gasped as if he wanted her to go and not to watch his pain and grief as he tried his best to chop his angst in little pieces of sliced veg.

"You, can't got back to see her. It'll only upset you more." She was closed mouth then.

He imagined himself making his way back to Ellie as the earth rotated from one day to the next. Yes, he supposed Violet was right. It would hurt... all the more. He put the knife down, and he hugged her.

Maybe Violet was the best friend he'd ever had.

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