Saturday, August 12, 2017

new to the study group

new to the study group

Um...he was the quiet one. He probably had lots of girlfriends...but just didn't know it. Of course, he wanted to know what I was thinking..since..after was just the two of us that met up at the old diner.

"Oh..I dunno..maybe our kids would be tall." I nodded thinking it might be hard to reach up and kiss him..if..that were to ever happen. I was naturally plotting doubt.

Then he talked about how tiny he was when he was born. small enough for a show box. The doctors didn't expect him to be very big.

I nodded, thinking this was a far cry from chemistry or mathematics. Yet, maybe it wasn't.

I guess the study group kind of became a date. We drank lots of coffee, talked about our favorite poets and finally broke down and shared a slice of berry pie.

I'm not sure I want to find that study group, anyway.

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