Monday, September 4, 2017

ghost of a boyfriend

ghost of a boyfriend

I tell people... we really aren't together anymore because its true, for the most part.

Still, you have those moments when you show up in the dead of night. (Don't know..why I still let you have a key)

1. you said it was over.
2. you said you were moving on.
3. you said it was time to change.
4. you said it would be easier without me.


You are truly an adventure to behold. And I let it happen. Cause, I want to see where it goes.

Oh, its good for a little while. Only we aren't quite in sync with the emotion of it.

You, think we're tight.

And..maybe we are...

But what will you do? When you drop in unexpected and find someone..where you used to rest your head.

I know.

How could I? I wouldn't dare?

Cause, you like to work across the state line. Go where the others won't go... so you'll have more cash. never seems to stop.

You'll always need something.

Later, you'll say, "Well, it wasn't as good I'd expected."

We aren't talking about my scrambled eggs, you know....

Oh well...

Easy come..easy go. I can live without you. My mantra on repeat.

But then again, I guess..I must miss something about you.

A crooked smile. The idea you could be living in someone else's body. And, I might.. could get... used to it.

But then it never happens. The hormones aren't cheap and the doctor's too far away.

Still, I can't seem to give up the ghost. So, I guess I'm the one with the problem..after all.

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