Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 41

Kaori & Ellie prt. 41

"What do you mean? You, have no place to go?" Yugi frowned when he heard the news from his ex. Things were not working out in Japan. She didn't even make it to the alter.

Imma was crying as if there was no tomorrow. What had she been doing all these weeks? Yugi couldn't calm her.

Somehow, he had to get her back to Seoul. She was in debt which would lead to making him in debt.

Yugi pressed his lips tight. He noticed Tan had stopped coloring his picture of Pokemon at the kitchen table. Yugi cleared his throat.

It this wasn't enough to worry about, Milo had packed up to move in with the girl he'd met at the entertainment studio. At least, he would get next month's rent.

Yugi felt so tired. He told Imma he'd call her back.

"Why can't Micky move in here, and Mom can move into Micky's roof top place." Tan smiled brightly, as if he'd think of a solution for his father.

Yugi tried to smile.

"I dunno, we're talking about Micky and he's just about as stubborn as your mom." Yugi sighed.

"Is is my fault?" Tan wanted to know.

Yugi shook his head, no.

"He's kind of shy. He..he just doesn't to act around you." Yugi told him.

"Just tell him, what's going on." Tan was straight lipped, once again. "Tell him, I won't bite him."

Yugi cracked up. Just the thought of Tan biting Micky was funny. Still, he was certain five year old Tan was more of an adult than his boyfriend.

"Tell him, that Mom needs us."

Yugi saw the sadness in Tan's dark eyes. Yes, they both knew what she was up too. Under the influence, no less.

Yugi was certain, it would get messy before it got better.

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