Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt.42

Kaori & Ellie prt. 42

"What?" Ellie knew she was saying too much when she should have been listening to Kaori's news. Had she missed it? Was it true? "Tell, me again..what did you just say?"

Min-ho was busy in the kitchen, making pasta. He loved cooking. One little thing he'd neglected to tell her. But she needed for him to be quiet.

"I said..we're..having a baby." Kaori told her.

Ellie felt lite headed from the news. She thought she might pass out. But she screeched happily, instead.

"I'm so excited," Ellie said. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired. I want to sleep all the time." Kaori told her. Ellie wanted to say, "I feel like that all the time." She was dragging, lately. Trying to keep up with Min-ho's schedule of wanting to go places. Honestly, she really didn't know there was so much to see in the city, until Min-ho came along.

There were restaurants, jazz clubs, plays and movies he wanted to take her too. After all, he did live with her now.

Oddly, she felt almost cut off from her old friends. She couldn't even tell Kaori how they were.

"Maybe, Min-ho is a bad influence." Kaori told her after Ellie spoke of him.

"No, he isn't." Ellie winced as if Kaori knew nothing about her life.

"When are you getting married?"Kaori wanted to know.

Ellie hated the question. Why did she have to ask? Of course, Ellie didn't have a good answer for her. She sighed as she clicked off her iPhone.

"What's wrong?" Min-ho brought her a glass of red wine.

"Um," she looked at him, wondering how he would take the news about her married friend. "Kaori's having a baby."

Min-ho looked, ever so serious.

"When are we going to have a baby?" His question stung Ellie.

"A baby?" Ellie winced. She didn't have time for a baby. "Are you going to take care of it?" She wanted to know.

"Well, of course."

Ellie still felt slightly dizzy. She felt for sure she would be the one doing all the work. Besides, the only baby she'd ever taken care of, was Nico. And he was full grown now.

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