Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Milo listened closely to what his mother was saying over his Android. Yes, he was heartbroken to learn of his grandmother's passing. But..she'd left him a good size dwelling in the Brownstone he'd known most of his life.

"It's yours." his mother told him. "Please come back... Please."

Granted, he was a little dizzy when he heard the news out in the miserable cold of Seoul. Suddenly, it donned on him what he'd came for.

He swelled a frown as if the hole in his heart of emotion grew more intense. He needed to see Ellie now. He didn't want to leave without her.

He left the lot where he'd been an extra at the TV studio. He'd drank so much coffee from all the shoots he doubted he would sleep tonight.

The evenings were frigid, but he managed to catch the right bus. He didn't even think to tell KaRa he was leaving.

A part of him felt so numb. He knew Ellie wouldn't listen to him, but he missed her.

Maybe if he moved back, they would find each other online, again. Was it the only way, they would ever be happy, together?

It was a miserable thought. He doubted he would even catch her. She probably had a new schedule with her new boyfriend, the student counselor, who worked at the elementary school with her.

If Milo was lucky, she might wish him well. Maybe, Ellie would cry a little about his grandmother.

He'd chatted her up some time ago when they did face time. He used to tell Ellie how much she reminded him of his grandmother. Those were the days when he knew he cheered Ellie up and he would see her true smile. He felt good being her friend. Her best friend.

If only, she hadn't ignored him. What had happened to make her this way? It was a mystery that would go unsolved. He guessed.

When he arrived at the school grounds, he text her.

"Where are you?" He asked.

"Still, in the music room." She text back.

"Can I see you? We need to talk." He text back.

Of course, she said it was not a good idea to talk here. She said she would meet him at the coffee shop a block away from the school. She gave him directions. She told him she'd meet him there, in fifteen minutes.

He was happy she would see him, yet he dreaded it too. It would be the same old conversation. She was a grownup now. She didn't have time to be silly with him.

He knew what her friend and old roommate Kaori said about him. He was a creep. An idiot that would always be looking for a freebie. Still, he needed to see Ellie. It was now or never.

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