Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Ellie wasn't so sure why she said yes. Maybe, it was because she'd put Milo off  for so long. She knew it was wrong to leave him hanging, like she did.

Honestly, she hadn't meant for it to turn out this way, but maybe having friends here had turned her against him. As if, no way there could really be any LOVE over the internet.

She felt bad, not standing up to him. Of course, she knew she hadn't been true to Milo, like she should have been.

After all, they'd married on the Internet, but then there were those times, she could count on one hand when she'd been with Nico.

Honestly, what would Milo want with someone like her? After all, it could work out with Minho, couldn't it?

Yet, chances were, if they did find out at school, about the two of them, they would have to be separated. And she wasn't sure she really wanted to start all over as a music teacher somewhere else. Lord knows, he wouldn't give up his position.

They avoided these conversations. And she knew deep down, all Minho really wanted was his own family. Ellie wasn't quite sure she was ready for such a thing. Where was all this adventure? She'd hoped for? All she needed to do was do as she was told and live a quiet life teaching children music.

But there Milo was, waiting for her. He did look distraught. Maybe things weren't working out with KaRa. Of course, Ellie hadn't met her. She didn't really want, too.

"What happened?" She unwound her heavy crochetted scarf. She ordered tea since Milo didn't think he could have another cup of coffee without upsetting his stomach.

He told her about his grandmother then. She'd died of a stroke. Her memory was going, as it was. She hadn't remembered him for some time, but she'd left him her place at the brownstone.

He didn't say much more until after the hot tea arrived. It looked like they'd be staying longer so she asked the waitress to bring sandwiches.  Milo said he didn't feel much like eating. The food here was nothing like he remembered in New York City.

She could see he was homesick, after all.

"I have to go back. I have too." He sighed.

Ellie nodded. She knew he needed too, for more reasons than he'd admit.

"I..I..wish.." He cleared his throat and looked her in the eye. "I want you to come..with me."

Ellie thought she might be shaking. She couldn't say it was delight, perhaps nervousness.

"Do you..really think.." No, she shouldn't say it. She knew she didn't believe it.

"What?" He wanted to know, and a cool as he could come off, she could see how afraid he was, after all, and yet he'd been fearless to come this far to a new country in a time when a war might actually happen.

"You know, I didn't wait for you." She was even lipped. "KaRa is probably..much better..and she.."

"That's not what I'm asking..I only want you." He was about to cry, but she didn't want him to cry, not for her.

"Its just, I'm really the miserable sort. I don't know if I know what love is." She was honest.

"I don't believe you." His face was rather grim, but he still held on to the hope, that she was wrong.

"Can't you see, what I've done." She shook her head. "You, deserve better."

"Why? Why are you like this?" His eyes were sad and he reached for her hand. She felt the embrace of his warmth. She wanted to let go, but she couldn't. "Spend the night with me."

She stared at him a bit bewildered. Her cell rang out. She checked it. It was Minho, of course. She nursed her bottom lip as she let it ring more. Finally, she turned her cell off.

She looked out the window from the coffee shop. It was starting to snow. Ellie winced. Where would they go on a night like this?

She sucked in a breath. She doubted it would change much, but at least she could say goodbye, properly.

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