Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Was this really happening? Now was not to question it. Ellie was here and finally she would do this for him.

He didn't know where they would go? Would they find a cheap room and sleep?

She told him to eat the sandwich.

"You'll need your strength." Her smile was open and he wondered just what she was inviting. He didn't expect this.

He only smiled back and ate.

"Do you want to call KaRa?" Ellie asked as if she might worry. He shook his head, no. She would figure it out, sooner or later.

"But..but you two are close.." Ellie started.

He looked at her blankly. Did she think they were lovers?

"No, not..look I have my own room." He told her that KaRa's older sister used to live with her. "She helps me with Korean."

Ellie smiled and took a bite of the sandwich. "My English is bad."

"No, its perfect." He promised. She gazed at him as if he were the perfect liar.

"I'm serious, you'll do fine in New York City." He told her.

She almost rolled her eyes at his little revelation. She didn't reply but finished up her sandwich quickly and ate the chips as if it might be her last meal here.

She looked out at the snowy street and then looked back at him.

"Finally, warm enough for snow." She sipped her warm tea. She told him she knew of an ice skating rink, nearby. "That time of year, you know." Holiday lights were in full throttle.

"Its been awhile." He admitted, but he played ice hockey as a kid. "Maybe, I remember."

She promised she didn't have a talent for it as they finished up and bundled for the cold. Suddenly, it felt they were together. Even on the ice rink, it felt at peace. She could hold her own much better than she admitted.

In spite of the clumsiness of it, they found their groove, steadying each other on shaky ice skates. It was then he remembered how to go around and around. He grabbed both of her hands. Slowly, they started to spin.

She gritted a smile. Milo was beginning to think they were capable of anything.

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