Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Why was that FROZEN song on her mind? "Let it go..let it go.."

Yes, like a sweet bliss that was foreign to Ellie..she embraced the night.

All though, a lot of it was spent out in the cold at the ice rink. For the first time, she felt they might be one of those couples cuddling in the cold. It was easy to be here with Milo and she loved it.

It felt like the holidays. Yes, he did feel like home.

Why had she fought it so long? Maybe she'd been lost in the life she knew. But she'd trudge on for so long to be on her own. Yet, she felt herself bogging back down to what she'd always been. That orphan girl no one really expected much of.

But now, she was with Milo and as much as they waited in the cold, they caught a cab and found a room close to the airport.

"My wife and I, we need a room." Milo told the clerk. "We're leaving for New York City in the morning."

Ellie watched, feeling she was going deaf listening to her heart pound.

Was this really true?

She felt weak yet full of life at the same time. Maybe this would be the best Christmas eve.

She knew she shouldn't be quite this happy, under the circumstances. There was quitting her job, finding her passport....leaving it all behind.

But a smile emerged once they got to their room in the hotel. She knew her courage would see this through. A love that was lost was found.

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