Friday, December 1, 2017

Nico & Violet

nico & violet

Violet wasn't sure she really understood what was happening to her family, but she sat at the dining area of Nico's Noodle Shop watching her big brother Kenzo's mouth move.

"Do you, want to come to Paris with me or not?" By the look on his face, she knew he really didn't have time for his little sister. After all, their parents sudden separation did put more stress on the holidays. In fact, her father lost big time and was now on his way to jail. Their Mom went to the Philippines to stay with her sister. It didn't really leave Violet many choices.

"I'll be OK." She didn't want him to worry. She doubted her brother would, anyway. She'd been staying in Tan's room for the last few weeks in a sleeping bag on the floor.

"You're not living with him, are you?" Kenzo looked over his shoulder, to give Nico the evil eye. Of course, Nico didn't look up from the vegetables he was chopping.

She shook her head, no.

"My roommate's only about six or so." She shrugged. Funny, how all this time she was worried her parents were worried about her, and they didn't even know exactly where she was.

"Are you finding time to get into some classes at the University?" Kenzo winced.

"Not yet." Maybe she could call this her gap year, but now that her family's money was gone, she didn't see herself going to the University, anytime soon.

Her brother sighed. She knew he thought having an education was the key to the universe. He was after all, going to work in computer programming at some big company. He'd spent most of his twenties out in Seattle getting an education. She knew she wouldn't see much of him. His own life was to do his own thing. She guessed she would continue to do her own thing, too. Babysit Tan and work at the Noodle Shop at night.

"Don't worry about me." She brought him some noodles with lots of veg and beef. She told him it was on the house.

He smiled, as if he was happy to get a free meal. She thought of the times, drinking hot cocoa with him while growing up. She'd adored him like a pop idol, but now she knew he was a man on his own journey, and she would hate to be apart of his hangup, to keep him from what he really be on his own.

He started eating before she could ask anymore questions. After all, she did have his phone number and they text from time to time.

"Just, don't be so hard on Nico," Violet said, as her brother was finishing up. "He's a good guy. He looks out for me, you know."

"Oh, really?" Her brother's eyes looked at her as if there was more to the two of him, than just a waitress and cook.

"He needs me, you know." She was certain. He might be the quite sort who did have a passion for food. And maybe one day Nico would forget his first love, but she didn't see that happening soon.

"How come, you never fall for the guys who really want you, sis?" Kenzo pursed his lips as if he knew her little secrets.

"What about you?" She winced. "Will you ever fall in love? Or will you only love you, in the end?" Her smile was priceless. He might never get it, she thought, but she did have to let him remember..she would always be his little sister, even if she didn't have a home.

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