Friday, December 15, 2017

Nico & Violet

nico & violet

Violet was certain nothing would really change. After all, she did have Nico figured out, after all this time. She knew he hated having her around. After all, his heart belonged to someone else. Violet was used to this.

"Nothings gonna change his world." This she'd confessed to Tan when she was packing up. "At least, you've got your room back." She smiled.

"But..but I didn't mind..that you were here." He told her.

"Oh, but you don't really need me." Of course, they would be seeing each other daily. She did walk him home from school, and he'd be spending more time at the noddle shop where she worked.

"Don't look so sad." Tan told her he still needed her and Nico did, too. Violet smirked at the idea of that. After all, Christmas was coming and while others would be happy for a holiday..she knew it would make Nico all the more irritable.

"I promise." Yet she remained straight lipped. It wouldn't matter how many Christmas cookies she made... it would be the worst Christmas ever.

She walked in the cold on her way back to the noodle shop. Violet shivered thinking she would be sick if she didn't stop all this sadness. But she did have a lot to be sad about. Her father in prison. Her mom in a nice warm place in the Philippines (Of course, she didn't want to go there..this was home) and her brother Kenzo was on his way to Paris. She hadn't heard from him.

When she got to the shop she noticed the festive red and green lights in the window. Her eyes brighten. She felt laughter inside. There was Nico and Kenzo decorating the Christmas tree.

"You're late." Kenzo looked over his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" She wasn't sure she was happy about this.

"Um, thought I'd hang around." His smile was impishness as if he had a surprise for her. Yet, she felt a little hollow.

Last night she'd slept in Nico's bed. He'd slept on a sleeping bag on the floor, but before it was over he was snuggling next to her in the warm bed. It was almost a dream come true. Now, it looked to be over.

"Oh."Her voice croaked.

"Don't worry, I'm not moving in." He sighed. "I got a job at that big company I always talked about. And they found me an apartment nearby." He hugged her tight.

She nodded as if he had a place for her too.

"You know, I don't want a kid around." He was serious. "Nico says he'll fix up his room for you."

Violet squinted, unsure what that meant. She didn't want to put Nico out.

Naturally, Nico didn't say much. He never did.

Violet pressed her lips tight.

"But, I'll be here for Christmas." Kenzo shrugged as if he was keeping an eye on her and Nico.

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