Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

If it wasn't enough, having a roommate to contend with, it was all the phone calls from Minho.

Naturally, he sent videos trying to prove he was much more romantic than Milo, with videos of their times together. He made it sound as if they traveled and did everything together. Oddly, all she could remember was the laundry and cleaning up. It wasn't nearly as romantic as he remembered.

"What did I do? That was so wrong?" His voice was so mournful. Ellie didn't really know how to respond.

"It's not your fault." She finally said to him during facetime. "Look, you can' can't just stop.." She had listened to him talk about his sick leave from the school. "It will get better, if..if you'll let it."

Milo told her the next day not to answer any of his phone calls. He took her phone and blocked him.

"Don't second guess yourself." He told her. "Don't let him spoil..your life."

"I won't." She knew where she wanted to be, and it wasn't with Minho. Milo was right, but she felt the need to call Nico. Maybe they could check up on Minho.

"I..I guess we could do that." Nico sounded as somber as usual, but he told her Violet moved in with him, due to a family misfortune. "Her brother Kenzo hangs around." Of course, the weather was miserably cold, and they didn't do much of anything, other than run the noodle shop. "I'll let you know."

There were no questions about her sudden move to New York City. Instead, Nico said, "Stay safe and be happy."

"You, do the same." She smiled, wishing she could see Nico and Violet together. A part of her felt sure he was happier than he'd ever let her know.

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