Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Milo was grateful to have Rocco around.

"I missed you, man." Rocco still stressed again and again that he was glad he was back, even if they'd kept in touch from time to time through text and video chats.

"It just wasn't the same." Rocco told him over coffee.

"Yeah," Milo still felt somber. He wasn't sure it was over his grandmother's departure or finally getting what he wanted and wondering what to do next. He didn't exactly have a paying job to come back too. At least, in Seoul he'd made good friends and worked. He had to admit he'd been lucky. A much better luck there than here.

"It'll work out." Rocco's smile was cool and he'd do his best to get him back with a gig, here and there, behind the camera. "Look, you know your skills. You have some great skills."

Milo would try to believe him, but he wasn't sure he was so nimble behind the camera, anymore. As of late, he'd been in front of the camera. Of course, he didn't know what in the hell he was doing most days, other than sitting calmly in the cafe background, reading a newspaper he didn't know the language of.

After all the ordeal of hoping he hadn't ruined Ellie's life by bringing her home with him. Milo wondered if he'd ruined his own. Maybe he should have stayed in Seoul.

Just as he was about to tell Ellie his thoughts, she broke away from her smart phone long enough to tell him she'd found a job.

"What?" He looked at her blankly.

"A nanny position." She told him it was part-time and it was just down the street. It would be afternoons and some evenings.

Milo hadn't expected this to happen. But she was happy as she went to make his dinner of noodles and egg rolls.

It was still cold out, but it felt like spring was already here. He hoped he could tell her soon about a job too, but Milo didn't know where to search.

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