Friday, January 12, 2018

Nico & Violet

nico & violet

Violet still felt something was a little off with her brother Kenzo. True, they weren't exactly close. Other, than him being a pest, when they were younger. She knew he could be a bully, if he wanted to be. She didn't exactly like him. Maybe, she'd always wanted a sister.

Still, they kept their distance from each other. Yet now, with their parents gone, her brother seemed more fond of her.

"We'll have lunch on Sundays," he'd informed her at the fireworks.

"What?" She winced. "Couldn't you think of anytime better?" That was her day to sleep in. No way did she want to cook for him.

"Friday night, I'm out with the guys from work. Saturday nights are meant for date nights." He shrugged back, as if he had a very tight schedule.

"But..but you're not even dating." She winced as if he should be more compromising.

"Sundays work for me." His fat lip made her want to hit him, but she stayed calmed, understanding that the men in her family always got their way.

"Is it that way with your family?" Violet asked Nico a couple of night later while they were cleaning up after closing at the noodle shop.

"Oh, it was just my dad and me." Nico told her. "I usually followed his orders."

"Did you want to take over the noodle shop? When your dad retired?" Violet wanted to know.

"I didn't think about it." He shrugged and scrubbed at another pot while she wiped down the metal counter with hot water.

Violet wondered then what Nico might be doing if he wasn't running the noodle shop. Did he have a dream? Did he even remember it?

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