Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

Milo did his best to let Ellie rest. That meant, he did more of the housework. After all, she was the one working.

"But this means we have too much time on our hands." She pursed her lips. She didn't want him doing everything. "We should go places." Her eyes lit up when he mentioned the library and the museum.

He guessed she was right, but they couldn't go everywhere in one day. Besides, he told her she would need her strength with a New York City teenager.

She laughed. "Maybe, you should meet Ren."

Milo shook his head, no. No way did he want to have anything to do, with who Ellie was babysitting.

She let it go as they headed out in the cold for the subway. They would take their chances on the library in the city. It was a good time to figure out the best route. Naturally, there was always Central Park, but it was winter.

"I don't care, we should bring a picnic." She wrapped her arm around his. For a moment, he thought they might both be fat marshmallows in their puffy winter coats.

All Milo could think of, was having to lug a huge lunchbox of all of Ellie's delicate treats, some sweet and some savory. She didn't speak of it again, but he doubted she'd forget. Like she said, she was used to the cold. Luckily, she was in love with the New York City sights and of course, taken with the old majestic library.

She was fun to watch, like a kid who had never went to the candy store. Her smile was infectious.

He soon forgot his ominous phone call he'd had with his mother the previous night. What was he going to do with this girl? Marry her?

"Oh, but we're already married." He'd told her. Why was she making such a fuss? Beside, her mother hardly knew her. They'd only met once when his mom came over to get some of Milo's grandmother's stuff. That's when he found out his grandmother had been keeping his mother's old crap for decades and now she was afraid Ellie might go through it.

Milo hated to bring it up, how disappointed he was with his mother.

"What's wrong?" Ellie wanted to know after they'd taken a tour of the first floor of the library.

"It's nothing." Milo knew he needed to focus on finding a good job, not his mother's meddling.

"Let's go for a hot dog." He smiled. At least that was one New York City meal he could afford.

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