Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Milo & Ellie

Milo & Ellie

"I'm certain its warmer here, than in Seoul." Ellie told Ren while they were catching up on the snowboard Olympics.

Ren only shrugged. She was indifferent as she ever was.

"Is everything really OK, at school?" Ellie wished Ren would tell her. Ren's homework was finished up so Ellie made her ramen.

At least, Ren was happy. She said she liked the way she cooked and wanted to learn from her. Her mother was too busy to cook and Ren wasn't all that happy with the person who delivered the meals.

"But, cooking together is important." She told Ren. "We will have to cook together. Maybe you'll want to come over to my place. You, could eat with my husband and me. Sometimes, our roommate has meals with us, but he's been a mystery lately."

Ellie chopped up some green onion and celery and carrots to go with the ramen. Ren watched. Ellie was beginning to feel that she might actually get to know Ren.

Ellie so wanted to love this job. It was a relief to be working with only one student and not a hundred and eighty students by the hour.

She asked Ren if she played any instruments. Ren shrugged, but finally confessed that she enjoyed playing the piano until she actually had to take piano lessons. Ren could play by ear.

"That's so cool." Ellie smiled. "You'll have to play something for me, after we eat."

Ellie sighed, hoping they were on the right track, and they were as soon as she listened to Ren play the piano of one of her favorite Lady Ga Ga tunes.

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