Friday, February 2, 2018

Nico & Violet

Nico & Violet

Nico didn't know if he could go through with this, calling Minho. He wanted Violet to do it. She wanted to stay out of it. She reminded him that he was Ellie's friend. Violet couldn't say they'd actually had a conversation.

This sadden Nico, but also was glad the two had not talked. He wanted to tell Violet her voice was so sweet that no one could tell her NO, but he knew he needed to man up and see if Minho, was actually he found a time when no one was around at the Noodle shop to call Ellie's ex.

Of course, first thing, a laugh got caught in Nico's throat when Minho picked up.

"Hey," Nico started. "Um, remember..we..we met once. Um, girlfriend and I came over see.." He sighed wishing he didn't have to say Ellie's name.." sister, and.."

"What do you want?" Minho got right to the point, as if Nico might need money or something.

"Oh." Nico couldn't help but stare into space, big eyed. He gulped. "Nothing..really..I was..just wondering if you were free, sometime soon. You, could come over. You, wouldn't need to bring a thing."

"Did Ellie call you?" He wanted to know.

"Um..well.." Nico gritted, no sure what to say.

"Fine." Minho's voice was rather dull as if he was only doing this for Ellie, not anyone else.

Nico guessed he would have to be fine with it, too. He clicked his phone off and went back to the vegetables that needed to be chopped.

Just then the door jingled to let him know a customer arrived.

Nico winced. It was an old mate from elementary. Dongman.

"What are you doing here?" The last he'd heard, Dongman was in the Philippines.

"You're dad said to say hello." Dongman shrugged. According to Nico's dad, he didn't call enough.

"What's there to say? I've been working." Nico told him, as he went back to chopping onions and mushrooms.

Dongman was even lipped but then he caught eye of Violet who was putting the tableware in order, separating the soup spoons and metal chopsticks.

"And..who..might that be?" Dongman asked ever so curious, as he scrunched his head past the order desk.

"Oh, that's my girlfriend Violet." Nico said very plain and simple as he looked back at Violet. He introduced her to Dongman, but his friend said right away, "Don't call me that. It's Manny."

Violet took a deep breath and stepped forward with a sweet smile.

Mannie responded with a huge smile. Just what Nico needed an old friend or a new foe.

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