Friday, July 13, 2018

Nico & Violet

Was it really Friday the 13th? It was also hotter than Haties these days. Maybe it was the humidity.

"I really wish we could get away." Nico could only stand over the hot stove in his noodle shop for so long. "Its time, we got away."

"Where would we go?" Violet was a bit startled over Nico's revelation. Could they just close up shop for a time?

"I dunno." He shrugged. Of course, he didn't have the money for travel. "Do you have any relatives we could visit?"

Violet looked back at him blankly. And then smiled.

"This might be the time to go see Kaori." She told him Ellie did want them to check up on her.

"But, what if she's not even there?" Nico winced as if that would be no vacation, load up a bus just to go to the countryside. As it was, they'd never even gotten a hold of her.

Violet said she'd try again. Maybe they'd track her down yet.

"And, I'll ask my brother if we can borrow his  KIA." Violet smile brightly as if she'd make this into a vacation yet.

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