Sunday, May 19, 2019

Ying & Yu

"Why am I even helping you?" Yu asked as he gave the coffee and fast food burrito to Chang on a dark alley close to where Yu lived.

"I dunno, you tell me." Chang's English was better than his. He always wanted to speak in English. Honestly, Yu didn't know why it mattered. A sad feeling clung on to him seeing Chang so desperate.

"I..I just wished you'd take care of yourself." Yu squinted, think they weren't quite lovers, but then again, there was that one night stand that felt like a faded dream now. Neither would speak of it. After all, Chang would be a friend for life. And that's what came first.

Chang almost smiled, he took a sip of the black coffee.

"You can't hide, forever." Yu hugged himself hard looking over the lean Chang as if he really did need to eat more, sleep more. "Maybe, maybe I can find some work for you."

"Like what?" Chang looked up at him leaning there on the raw brick wall. It was dark and yet the sun glistened brightly.

"Come back to my place." Yu nodded. "I know you could get a modeling gig or two."

"Don't be serious." Chang cracked up as if might be a little drunk.

"You can not live your life on the run...forever," Yu told him as Chang looked at him, perhaps helpless.

Chang nursed his bottom lip. He didn't answer. Yu pulled him up before he slumped over. Yu wanted to tell Ying about this, but he wasn't sure if she could handle it.

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