Saturday, June 22, 2019


The real triangle. Gotta wonder if lil sis Qi Tian wanted her crush and would be beau to start a bromance after her departure. I would have liked it better if these two (Shi lang & Kun Lan) could have been more than friends..but I guess that would have been asking for too much.

Finally finished the Chinese drama Flipped. I dunno what I was really expecting. Still, it was better by the end than I thought. Actually, I had liked much of the cinema about it, from the building and the interiors. Although, I thought it lacked in writing. I am not sure I was that crazy about the characters. Although, I realized these were modern people still living by the old rules of who they were supposed to be. Yet, it was a sad story, but it showed how people get through problems.

The crux was a rich guy who couldn't find anyone to save his sister. Although, he had superpowers as a time traveler didn't mean it was all that fun. Each time he went somewhere he lost a bit of himself. Of course, he was probably just as artistic or more than the artist he falls in love with. Of course, his little sister dies, yet she asks her brother's friend to run away with her as if that might free her brother of having to be obligated to take care of her. So, he knows she's gone and so is his friend, and he gives up his rich house and moves into an abandoned place.

I guess what I liked best about the 'reincarnation' element in this drama was that it was about becoming a better self. He comes back to his company hoping to be hired as a designer this time..after.. of course years of getting over his sister's passing and postcards from his friend that keeps telling him that he and his sister are fine.

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