Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Love & Redemption

 Oh, you can find this C-drama on Netflix and Viki and of course, YouTube. It's a powerhouse of a story with deities and heavenly realms based on the Manga Glass Maiden. Starring Cheng Li who is quite the sensitive hero and he's very fun to watch! Along with Crystal Yaun who's the adoring girl who can't find her senses. Throw these two together and you've got 59 episodes of all sort of adventure and a love story at epic standards in the world of Chinese drama. 


  1. Sounds good. Netflix have a lot of good shows. I have been watching a lot from Europe: Poland, Sweden, Spain and Finland.

  2. I didn't know this drama and I already want to watch it. I've been feeling powerless to watch anything since True Beauty ended

  3. Uy lo tendré en cuenta luego que termine las doramas que estoy viendo. Te mando un beso

  4. Netflix is number 1. It has so good movies


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