Monday, March 8, 2021

He was never Minho

 Kim Ji Soo is one of my favorite K-drama actors and I am sad to hear how he was cut from his latest project due to allegations of bulling when he was in school.

My feelings: I feel it's sketchy.  The entertainment industry there can do whatever they want to bring you down and make an actor panic.  Look, this guy has done his time in supporting roles..finally he's getting somewhere..and what happens?  I think there is far more pressure these days. It's as if it's witch hunt.  The fans go ballistic. It's a sad fact to stir up something like this, but it happens. I am sure even his closest friends are afraid to stand up for him. 


  1. Oh, how sad. I think the issue of bulliyng in Asian countries is very complicated. It ends up destroying careers, even if the person has changed.

  2. Shame. I think this must happen a lot.

  3. Uy pobre odio cuando la gente juzga a un actor no por sus papeles sino por su vida privada. Te mando un beso


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