Friday, May 7, 2021

Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard


Gu Chuan is a passion-filled, vibrant young man with his whole life ahead of him – until his life is turned upside down by a sudden traffic accident. He suffers life-threatening injuries to his heart and surgeons are able to save him by giving him an emergency heart transplant. But when he recovers, he discovers that he is no longer allowed to perform most forms of exercise. Worse still, the doctors warn him that experiencing strong emotions could also end his life prematurely. He tries to return to normal life, but the changes he must make to his lifestyle take all the fizz out of his existence. He carefully avoids anything that could raise his heart rate – even if doing so turns him into a shadow of his former self. Things take another turn, however, when a woman named Jiang Xiao Ning comes to work at the company he and his friend set up. Jiang Xiao Ning’s own back story is also tinged with sadness: She was orphaned at an early age. Regardless, she is a veritable font of positivity. Little by little, that positivity starts to rub off on Gu Chuan – but could this bond ever turn romantic, in spite of his condition?

It's a true blue Asian drama! He's so cold and somber. She's like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. And of course, they met years ago, but forgot. Especially, when there is a major car accident involved. Give them time. She has no luck. He has all the luck (or does he?) And still, she's a ray of hope in the mad mad world. Throw in some electricity generated from the heart and you've got a fantasy romance to watch. Just 36 episodes (about 45 min. or less).

I have always been fond of Fair Xing. She was wonderful in the MASTER DEVIL DO NOT KISS ME series (1 & 2). She was sincere and witty in Put Your Head On My Shoulder and My Little Happiness.

While Allen Ren (32) has been making dramas since 2016. Once upon a time, he was in a Chinese/Korean boyband Super Boy & Korean Star but it didn't last. Also at that time he was with Nie Haun and they broke up, but they have made up and are married and have a family. (Sometimes, I wonder about the drama these actors go through with their fans and the entertainment world). Still, he's managed to be in some epic period-piece dramas and fantasy dramas like The Glory of Tang Dynasty 1 & 2.


  1. No la conocía, suena genial . Gracias por la recomendación Te mando un beso

  2. This series sounds so compelling! It's hard to imagine going on with life when an accident has "taken all the fizz out of existence". It sounds like a ray of sunshine is just what Gu needs!


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