Saturday, June 19, 2021



Well, the Ambs that we know is back in the kitchen these days. The professional one, that is. And she really is happy. Although, you might not know it with that serious face of hers. 

She's been on the tele! In a contest no less. Things are looking up in the most spectacular way. Yeah baby, I think she's got it.

Speaking of babies, I did have a rather long discussion with this Tobe's. After all, he's living with my folks and all these last few weeks. Pa's got him working in the pub. Naturally, Bailey thinks it's quite dangerous. Still not sure what she sees in the bloke, but oh well.

I guess he's a good kiddie. You know, no father to speak of and was bullied a fair amount in school. I guess Bailey must have beat them up or something. She's sassy that way. 

Honestly, we just might be breaking out of these bad habits of the pandemic. Still, it gets shaky at times. Waiting on products, paying to much at the pump and then some. But in all, summer is definitely here.


  1. Que legal este teu blog, resumindo é diferente dos outros.
    Diário de confinamento perfeito, é assim que a vida anda nestes dias...


  2. Genial fragmento te mando un beso

  3. A TV baking contest? Wow, I didn't see that coming. Go, Ambs! Also, good to hear that things are settling down on the Bailey front.


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