Saturday, July 9, 2022

A Face in the Crowd


Honestly, Jolene never thought she could live up to her name. She didn't feel sincere in the least. And then she met Micky and Jude in the Dorm. They were quite the roommates next door. She never knew her own because she was always with her boyfriend. So she hung out with Micky and Jude.

Of course, she would have loved to have gone out with Jude, but he was an artist. While Micky was just the clever sort, perhaps. Or just a nerd. Naturally, he'd go anywhere she wanted. The lunchroom and the laundry met. He was there for her. He usually did all the work too. So she spent a lot of time with Micky and watched Jude from afar. It was sort of like watching your own foreign TV show. Honestly, she didn't know what he was really about.

Oh, he was torn all right. Usually, over an art project. He could be very messy. But Micky always cleaned up. It was like he was his assistant or something. Of course, it wasn't until close to the end of the spring semester that Jolene understood who Micky was exactly in love with. It wasn't her.

Sometimes, she felt all alone and she might actually drink herself to oblivion with a bottle of vodka. Naturally, Micky looked after her too. 

After a while, she completely forgot her unrequited love for Jude. Instead, she thought it was time to win Micky over. After all, she did care about him. And would hate for him to be lost at sea with Jude.


  1. Interesting -Christine

  2. Life always gives us corners ... but everything is for something ...

  3. Uy que triste fragmento. Te mando un beso.

  4. Wanting to be more than friends gets so complicated! I love your twist on the old girl in love with a cool guy but friends with the nerdy one trope. Who knew the nerd was in the love with the cool guy too? I think this will give Micky and Jolene something to bond over . . .


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